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Outsourced Travel Management

July 29, 2010

Do you know what the difference is between a net fare a published fare and an IT fare?

Are the fares you purchase ‘marked up’ by the travel company, and if they are, by how much?

Do you benchmark the fares you purchase and if so against what?

Is that “hotel deal” offered incentivised – or commissionable to the travel agent in addition to the transaction fee?

Are you confident that you are receiving refunds back from the agent that handles your account?

Are you fully benefiting from suppliers’ loyalty schemes, or are they too cumbersome to administer?

Do you have an “open book” arrangement with your travel company?

The role of an ‘Account Manager’ within a travel company used to be focused on retaining clients by ensuring that the client received the best service and value for money.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on earning the maximum margin from the client, and many account management positions have a commission based or target based pay structure, to encourage a maximising of profit for the agent.

Booking Business Limited relies on decades of hands-on travel agency experience and provides the following services:

  • Travel Account Audits
  • Airfare and Hotel Pricing Benchmarking
  • Supplier Negotiations, (route deals hotel deals) etc.
  • Online Booking Tools Evaluation and Implementation
  • Independent Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Travel arranger training sessions

Most clients require our service for less than 8 hours per month, billed on an hourly basis with the option of an additional (minimal) monthly retainer to include 24-7 availability for emergency / problem resolution.

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